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SNV Netherlands Development Organization is a non-profit international development organization with headquarters in the Netherlands, which has a long-term, local presence in over 30 of the poorest countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our team works with local partners to equip communities and businesses with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to increase their incomes and gain access to basic services. SNV works across three sectors: Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.
Since 2008, SNV Nepal has been contributing to WASH sector development through developing capacity at national, regional, and district level and also it has been supporting local organizations through a combination of advisory services, knowledge brokering and advocacy, with a focus to work at scale with quality.

Project Summary
The USAID- funded five-year (2016-2021) Health and Hygiene Activity, named henceforth as SWACHCHHATA, aims to contribute to Nepal’s 2014-2018 Country Development Cooperation Strategy goal of a healthier and well-nourished population. With the overall purpose of improving community health status by improved integration of hygiene in health service, the project will utilize an integrated approach with a dual focus on improving quality of health service delivery and hygiene, and is implemented jointly by SNV and its partner PSI in the Mid-Western Development Region (MWDR), in two mountain districts, Kalikot and Dolpa, and three hill districts, Jajarkot, Rukum, and Salyan.  The project office is based in Nepalgunj and district units will be operational in each project district.

The project supports target health facilities in the five project districts in the implementation and sustained operation of improved small-scale safe water and maintenance system, functional sanitation systems, health care waste management, and new or renovated solar power supplies with affordable maintenance systems in place. The WASH infrastructure will be implemented through engineering consulting firms and the renewable energy activities will be implemented by mobilizing a subsidy mechanism under a framework agreement with the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC).  Furthermore, the project will provide capacity building for health facility staff on establishment of infection prevention procedures and development of best practices for effective and consistent engagement in Behavior Change Communication on key WASH behaviours at the health facility level and via outreach mechanisms to communities.

The project will work extensively with all the stakeholders at the VDC, district and national level to strengthen stakeholder ownership, activate stronger governance structures and establish a solid base for the project sustainability.

Construction Quality Manager (CQM)

Duty Station: SWACHCHHATA Project Office, Nepalgunj  
Donor: USAID/Nepal
Contract period: Till November 2020 (depending on the satisfactory performance during the probationary period)
Start date: Before 1st March 2017

Position Responsibilities
The Construction Quality Manager (CQM) will be responsible for achieving infrastructure side deliverables and results (WASH and renewable energy) as stipulated in the project document. The CQM will work within the wider SWACHCHHATA project framework to contribute to the overall purpose and objectives of the project while concentrating on achieving the infrastructure results for Health Facilities with quality.

For this, the CQM will be responsible for supervising the engineering consulting firm in implementation of the WASH infrastructure as well as for overseeing the process of renewable energy implementation under the AEPC framework agreement. The CQM will also manage the district implementation teams and ensure effective synergies with infection prevention interventions. The CQM will work in close coordination and cooperation with all project components and members of the SWACHCHHATA team, with SNV’s partner PSI, and with other SNV WASH projects. S/he will also be proactive in fostering collaborations with other relevant USAID-funded projects, development partners, and government and non-government stakeholders .

The CQM, in close coordination with the project team members, will follow all project cycle management processes, including planning, budgeting, monitoring, reporting, and evaluation and thereby integrating learning for effective and timely achievement of the project deliverables. The CQM will also ensure integration of gender, social inclusion and environmental protection in all aspects of project planning and implementation.

The Construction Quality Manager will report to the Swachchhata project Chief of Party. S/he will be the line manager of District Officers based in the respective districts and the Renewable Energy Advisor based in Nepalgunj and oversee the work of entire engineering team working in the project sites. The CQM will coordinate with other staff of the project as well as stakeholders.

Educational qualifications

  • A Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. A Master’s degree in WASH, Environmental Health, Public Health, or Rural Development is further desirable.
  • Demonstrable Experience
  • 7-years’ experience in managing and implementing donor-funded community and/or institutional infrastructure programs related to rural water supply, sanitation and hygiene in Nepal.  Experience with renewable energy projects is desirable.
  • 5-years’ experience in project cycle management gained by conducting participatory needs analyses, prioritisation, project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • 5-years’ experience in a supervisory role.
  • 2-years’ experience in managing private sector partnerships and quality monitoring
  • Experience in developing and sustaining partnerships with beneficiary communities and stakeholders and fostering linkages to ensure adherence to project principles and approaches
  • Substantial experience of working with donors, INGOs and/or bilateral international organizations
  • Experience in integrating cross cutting themes of GESI, and environment sensitivity to development


  • Fluency in written and verbal English and Nepali
  • Independent IT skills and proficiency in Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Proficiency in engineering related CAD software (e.g. AutoCAD, SketchUp, TurboCAD or similar)
  • Effective communication
  • Demonstrated skill in facilitation, networking, team building and report writing
  • Skills in coordination with stakeholders and partners; providing support and guidance to the project team; and building the capacity of local agencies for planning, budgeting, and effective project implementation


  • Demonstrably positive, cooperative, committed, having integrity, and being pro-active
  • Aspiring for good service delivery with strong people-centered skills, and interpersonal skills
  • GESI positive, conflict sensitive and prepared for emergencies

Female candidates and candidates from marginalized and ethnic minority groups are encouraged to apply.

Application should include a motivation letter, CV and expected salary. Police Clearance Certificate to be submit by the applicant if selected for the position.
Application needs to be received in electronic copy latest by Monday 16th January 2017 at stating the vacancy code (2017-02) in the email subject line.

Application closed.


The deadline to apply for the above position/s is 24:00 hrs, January 16, 2017.

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