Office Etiquette: 5 Things to Never Say at Work

What you say matters.

Words may be even more important than actions for several reasons. The trouble with words we use is that we assume other people to sense accurately of what we meant.

Regardless of the audience, topic, or industry, whether you are at stand up presen... Read more

8 Work Life Balance Tips for Busy Moms

In today’s busy world, proper engagement between your office work and your personal life can be a huge challenge. And on top of that, being a working mother can make it difficult to manage things. Due to which, we develop a poor work-life balance and result in developing unhealthy level of str... Read more

5 Steps for Getting Honest & Productive Feedback

Feedback is an essential factor in career progress. Negative or positive, feedback shows you the path where you should be leading and areas where you can grow. Everybody loves receiving positive feedback, especially at work. However, you need to come across negative feedback & criticisms at time... Read more

Steps in Creating Personal Branding

Personal branding, one of best ways to articulate your skills, experience, knowledge, and overall worth in today's competitive job market, is gaining much popularity today. It is how you appear to the world. In order to stand out in the crowd, there is a need to build & maintain your persona... Read more

How Productive Are You at Work?

If you were given to rate yourself in terms of “How Productive You Are at Work” in a scale of 1 to 5, what would be your answer? By nature, most of us consider ourselves as a hardworking person & would rate ourselves somewhere between 3-5. Now, how would one react he/she is told... Read more

Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

In today’s competitive age, we, as an employee have to deal with various types of situations in our workplace. Work overload, overtime, productivity pressure are some of the factors that causes stress in any workplace. While stress being an inevitable part of any workplace, one needs to come u... Read more

Top 5 Tips on How to Position yourself for a promotion

You might be doing good at your job but then your career doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. One of your co-workers got promoted to the position which you wanted. Now you might wonder if you’ll ever get out of your position or not. However, if you ever thought getting a promotion is just... Read more

7 Proven Ways to Build Workplace Confidence

In a general sense, confidence can be defined as, having a feeling that you think you are capable of doing something.  It may also be regarded as having a feeling of optimism or positive attitude toward what you do and how you do. However, the level and sense of confidence do vary in your perso... Read more

5 Things to Consider before Quitting a Job

It’s a common situation that you’ll find yourself in at some point in your life: annoyed by your job and no option arises than to throw your resignation letter on your boss’s desk. Keeping emotions at such time can be a tough thing to do. However, the thought of quitting your job i... Read more

Networking Tips: How to Establish Reference

Reference is an action of referring some people to another for information. It is the name of the people who can verify your credibility and the information you have written in your resume. Possible references can be former coworkers, teachers, professors, previous employers and so on. References ar... Read more

9 Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Everyone experiences the fear of failure at certain point of their personal as well as professional life. However, we face a greater extent of fear of failure in our professional lives. No matter how hard we try, it is impossible to go through our lives without experiencing the fear of failure. Thus... Read more

6 Office Etiquette Rules You Need to Know

The main reason behind the productivity of any company is good working environment. Bad etiquette will never make you feel comfortable and be productive in the office. Every employee must always be aware of how they should behave and make their work better. It is the manners that brings and builds g... Read more

8 Different Ways to Improve your Personality

Personality refers to the difference in characters of people. It refers to way of analyzing things, patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior. People having different personality is said to be a unique kind. A person having a good personality is said to be pleasant, interesting and humble. People h... Read more

8 Type of Behaviors in the Workplace

We come across various behaviors in the workplace, some of which we don't think about. Coming across such behaviors either creates workplace a very difficult place or the best place ever. Among various workplace behavior types, there are significantly eight types of classical behaviors present i... Read more

Effective Communication Skill: 7 Tips to Develop it

Communication is something we do most frequently. We talk to our friends and family without giving much thought to how we are doing it. It’s true that we all have different communication style but no matter what the fact is, no one is a perfect communicator. It might seem easy but communicatin... Read more

6 Ways to Prove Your Leadership Abilities

Leadership is the ability to lead a certain group of people or an organization. An influential leader is a person who is followed by other people, whose ideologies are adopted by others and are praised too. Whatever your work is, being a leader is not an easy job. Whether you are in the top level or... Read more

Building Workplace Relationships through Social Media

There has been increasing trend in the usage of social media in the past few years. People are so much attached to social media that it now touches almost every section of our lives. Still, social media continues to grow and its functions keep on expanding. Matter of fact, it is all about community,... Read more

5 Tips for Developing Employee Relations

Most probably, you might be having a question like, what an employee relation means and why is it necessary? Well, an employee relation is the manner in which the management addresses and interacts with the staff members and also the clients. Maintaining good employee relation helps reduce workplace... Read more

5 Effective Ways to Cope with Job Stress & Burnout

It’s the beginning of the week and you look for another weekend to come again. Everything seems stressful to you already and all you want is to be left alone. You feel like you have drained all your energy and not interested anymore in doing things which you used to do. And now, you’re s... Read more

5 Ways to Formulate a Career Goal

When you started your career, you must have been very excited. While starting a career, almost everyone feels like this is what I wanted and how my career should be. But as time passes by and you move forward in your career, you come to a point where you start to realize that you’re simply not... Read more


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